Susan's House is both the second track and second single released from eels' debut album Beautiful Freak. It proved to be a worthy successor to Novocaine for the Soul, reaching number nine in the UK in 1997. Predominantly spoken word, the track features a sample from Gladys Knight and the Pips' 1975 hit "Love Finds its Own Way."

The song deals with a number of social issues of the time including drug abuse, murder, arson and teen pregnancy.


Goin' over to Susan's house
Walking south down Baxter Street
Nothin hidin' behind this picket fence
There's a crazy old woman smashing bottles
On the sidewalk where her house burnt down two years ago
People say back then she really wasn't that crazy

Goin' over to Susan's house
Goin' over to Susan's house
I can't be alone tonight

Down by the Donut Prince a 15 year old boy
Lies on the sidewalk with a bullet in his forehead
In a final act of indignity the paramedics take off all his clothes
For the whole world to see while they put him in the bag
Meanwhile an old couple argues inside the queen bee
The sick fluorescent light shimmering on their skin

Goin' over to Susan's house
Goin' over to Susan's house
She's gonna make it right

Take a left down echo park
A kid asked do i want some crack
Tv sets are spewing baywatch
Through the windows into black

Here comes a girl with long brown hair
Who cant be more than 17
She sucks on a red popsicle
While she pushes a baby girl in a pink carriage
And I'm thinking that must be her sister
That must be her sister right?
They go into the 7-Eleven
And I keep walking
And I keep walking

Goin' over to Susan's house
Goin' over to Susan's house
I can't be alone to nightGoin' over to Susan's house

Single Track Listing Edit

  1. "Susan's House"
  2. "Stepmother"
  3. "Manchester Girl" (BBC Version)

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